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Press Release.

The one thing the car scene is lacking is respect. Negative criticism oozes from the pores of people who claim to be “car enthusiasts”. It is sad when people must confront Facebook or Twitter before they install a new part to make sure other people like what they are going to do. A car should be a freedom of one’s own expression. Do what you want to your car because, well, it is yours. Anything With an Engine will root for the underdogs. The ones who choose to do something different without looking for recognition or respect, the ones who build for their own love of cars, not for the enjoyment of other people. Whether you are a fan of USDM, JDM, or anything else car related this blog serves to occupy all interests. From interviews, to random car sightings on the streets, my Nikon and I will capture all aspects of the car industry. There will be no negative criticism. This will be a blog that focuses on the better aspects of the car scene. It will feature live coverage of all local meets, and a review of each as well. There will also be no negative slander, all comments will be positive, even if the car is hideous. Fan submissions will be accepted and passed along for everyone to see. So if you are building a car, or just want some useful advice, even some ideas, then come check out Anything With an Engine. If you want opinionated, unwanted, hurtful advice, then go to any other car blog, but if you seek a feel good blog with nothing but support, then you are in the right place. 

True Life: I’m an Idiot

Everyone has seen the Fast and The Furious series. With the series at six movies so far, even if you haven’t seen one of the movies, you certainly know what they are about. The movies are meant to be fictional. Obviously a car can’t go through a wall and come out perfectly waxed, with no scratches. These movies in no way hurt, subjectify, or stereotype drivers. The Fast and The Furious is simply a means of entertainment. But there is a video floating around the Internet, and at one time on MTV, that negatively represents the car community. It is an hour-long episode of True Life: I’m a Street Racer. Not only does it negatively portray the car community, everybody involved in the episode is a complete idiot.

One of the characters (Greg) claims to have a Honda CRX that he “dumped” sixty thousand dollars into, yet the car only has 220 horsepower. I should have instantly stopped watching after he said this. Sixty thousand dollars could buy you a single turbo Toyota Supra that would produce well over 600 horsepower. I feel as though MTV found the first idiot they could, and followed him around as he went “street racing.” To go along with Greg’s already apparent stupidity, he blows his car up more then once “drag racing”. The races depicted were a quarter mile, at most. A car with sixty thousand dollars of engine work should be able to drive more than a quarter mile without breaking down. Greg also makes it seem like his entire life is street racing, which it very well could be, but I hope to god it is not. He clearly doesn’t know how to drive, and if he did spend the money he claimed to have on his car, then he needs a good slap in the face.

The main problem with this episode is that the characters have no respect for authority. A couple hundred people line up at an abandoned street and speed down it as if they own it. Every time the cops come they all speed off and scream profanities at the authorities, often times being chased in the process. I am not knocking them for running, because what they are doing is very illegal, but what I do have a problem with is that this episode generalizes anyone who has a modified car. It paints the picture that we are all no good, street racing, cop-hating lunatics. It makes it seem like we run from the law, and partake in illegal gambling. This depiction is so unfair because most of us are law abiding citizens who would never do anything close to what these people do. 

I have no problem with foreign cars. Any car that is well built will gain my respect, but the entire episode is filled with back yard mechanic work. The cars that are being depicted are nowhere near “street racing” cars. They are simply a few Hondas with body kits and exhausts that think they are fast. Like I said earlier, a fast car deserves respect, but I get the feeling that MTV just found a few punks and made an hour long special about them. That is what really grinds my gears (sorry for the Peter Griffin reference). The people depicted are all punks, and in no way admirably represent car enthusiasts. Most of us are well-mannered people who have nothing but respect for authority. If somebody does have the urge to drag race, then they go to a track where it is not only legal, but also safe. I feel as though this episode is exactly why cops hate most people who modify cars. The negative image portrayed through these few characters, and in this show, bring all the wrong kinds of attention.

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